The Ernst-Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena is Masternode in the EVAN.Network!

The, the first business network based on DBCP, enables companies to cooperate securely and trustfully across the entire supply chain. However, in order to operate the still young network decentrally, it is necessary for companies and institutions to ensure the operation of the network by providing computing power and to verify the transactions carried out in the network.

EAH Jena Masternode
Over time, these master nodes will be operated by more and more European organisations to ensure a secure, reliable and trustworthy blockchain for B2B transactions in Europe. With provided functionalities (services) like “Digital Twin Contracts” or secure data exchange, the makes the blockchain technology potentially ready for every company. Based on the ecosystem of the network, almost every company can build its own subnetworks in all industries where collaboration with partners is important. Contractus as initiator deliberately does not limit itself to individual industries. Rather, the with its blockchain should be a basis on which concrete and differentiated business models and processes can be built.
The professorship E-Commerce/E-Business of the University of Applied Sciences Ernst-Abbe in Jena, together with other institutions and consortium partners, is now participating in the DBCP research project as a Master Node.

Über den Autor: Mark Straßburg

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