Rental of working platforms with DBCP

As a suitable business use case to illustrate the potential for the application of the Decentralized Business Communication Protocol in the application case of a business process and to make it tangible, a service provider in the field of forklifts, warehouse technology and working platforms has decided to rent a working platform. There are several reasons for this conscious decision. Leasing is a standardized process in mass business, with several thousand transactions per year. Process steps are represented that require communication and transactions both internally, within a department, as well as across departments, and externally, across companies. There is a great need for coordination among the actors, which currently takes place mostly sequentially by telephone or e-mail, and also involves a large number of documents in paper or data form and their exchange. The surveyed colleagues in scheduling, as the main participants in the process, currently see a (dis-)ratio of 30:70 between core processes, such as order entry, consulting and quotation preparation, and the administrative activities. There is a need for action from the company’s point of view.
Vermietung einer Arbeitsbühne
The process description of the rental process of a work platform at the provider shows the real, current actual state of the business use case. The basis for modeling was the official process description approved by the QM representative. In order to check the actual application of the individual described steps in everyday life and to disclose any necessary updates and adjustments, the employees involved in the process were questioned together with an employee also involved in the DBCP project.
Based on the functionalities and advantages that DBCP can provide in the business process, the following approaches to the stage rental process for the use of the DBCP were identified:
  • Find business partners
  • Availability check
  • Conclude a contract
  • Contract execution
  • Easy and legally compliant renewal and deregistration
  • Monitoring and documentation of contract and machine data
  • Settlement of damages
  • Statement of account

Development of a prototype app

In order to be able to use a simplified and thus faster available solution for test and demonstration purposes, the sub-processes of initiation and contract conclusion, as well as sub-processes such as workshop preparation, accounting and claims settlement were not integrated into the design of the process. The focus was thus set on the sub-process of registering in, logging out and handing over the working platform. This extends from the provision of the machine by LINDIG, the transport to the site, through the use by the customer to the return. The advantage of this streamlined solution is that all the main players in the overall process are involved, both internal and external transactions.
The internal process definitions served as the basis for coding the prototype app based on DBCP, which was first presented as a showcase at the IT performance show in Erfurt in April 2018. At the same time, it serves as a test version for practical use.
Renting of working platforms