Innovation means change – Review of the LNT e.V. Innovation Workshop

The Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen e.V. (LNT) has been networking logistics companies and service providers in Thuringia for ten years now. Logistics companies and service providers in the Free State of Thuringia to strengthen the competitiveness of the location Thuringia, as well as the network members. On 16.10.2018, the members were called together for the “Innovation Workshop”.

Movement not standstill

Also in the future the LNT would like to bundle the ideas, interests and requirements of enterprises in order to make the development possible of a lasting and futureable logistics in Thuringia. To give examples of the current activities of the LNT and its members in this field, Prof. Dr. Uwe Arnold from the LNT and Dr. Hempel from DAKO opened the event with the presentation of two sustainable, innovative and already proven concepts in the field of logistics. The focus of the event was, of course, the innovation workshop. In addition to innovations, current problems and solutions in the areas of digitisation, sustainability and human resources, the LNT also focused on how it can support its members and the logistics industry in Thuringia in these areas in the future.

Image rights: Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen e.V.
In the evening, Mr. Werner, Chairman of the LNT Board, gave an insight into the developments and challenges of the last ten years. Thomas Müller then took the floor on behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and the Digital Society to emphasize the importance of the LNT for the logistics industry in Thuringia as well as for the entire Free State.
The tenth anniversary of the network was then duly celebrated. The “Decentralized Business Protocol” project was also represented. Numerous interesting discussions were held and awareness of the advantages of decentralized data management and digital cooperation in the form of open business networks was created and increased.
Image rights: Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen e.V.
Image rights: Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen e.V.

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