DBCP is on GitHub!

In some of our articles we have already emphasized that the (further) development of the Decentralized Business Communication Protocol (DBCP) is planned in the form of an Open Source project. Now it’s finally done: A few days ago the source code was released on Github.

All for … All!

With the publication external and free developers get the first time insight into the concrete, technical function mode of the protocol. Through the joint further development and use of DBCP, no less goal is to be pursued than to revolutionize inter-company communication and cooperation. A new, more efficient and effective era of digital cooperation has begun! The DBCP community will benefit from the competence and strength of every resourceful developer, open up new areas of application for the protocol and make inter-company collaboration more secure than ever before.



The foundation stone has been laid

The Decentralized Business Communication Protocol (DBCP) should make it possible to drastically improve the digital cooperation of companies. Digital business networks can be created through the standardized communication protocol. New business partners can be quickly identified and the processes of the initiation and agreement phase can be automated. Besides a decreasing susceptibility to errors, an unprecedented degree of security can be achieved with the help of the blockchain technology. Thanks to DBCP, it will no longer be necessary to disclose one’s own business development to Internet platforms and marketplaces in order to take advantage of inter-company cooperation.
The now published source code of DBCP can serve as a basis for future software solutions and business networks that will revolutionize inter-company cooperation.

Further information, a WIKI to the source code, as well as the possibility to contact the developers can be found at GitHub.

Über den Autor: Mark Straßburg

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