Innovation means change – Review of the LNT e.V. Innovation Workshop

The Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen e.V. (LNT) has been networking logistics companies and service providers in Thuringia for ten years now. Logistics companies and service providers in the Free State of Thuringia to strengthen the competitiveness of the location Thuringia, as well as the network members. On 16.10.2018, the members were called together for the “Innovation […]

The Ernst-Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena is Masternode in the EVAN.Network!

The, the first business network based on DBCP, enables companies to cooperate securely and trustfully across the entire supply chain. However, in order to operate the still young network decentrally, it is necessary for companies and institutions to ensure the operation of the network by providing computing power and to verify the transactions carried […]

The Gera-Eisenach Cooperative State University as consortium member of the research project of the DBCP

The Gera-Eisenach Cooperative State University (DHGE) is a state university in the Free State of Thuringia that specializes in dual, practice-integrating courses of study and emerged from the Thuringian vocational academies in Gera and Eisenach. In cooperation with over 1,600 companies and institutions, the DHGE offers a large number of accredited Bachelor’s degree programmes in […]

LINDIG as a medium-sized service provider has recognized the potential of digital cooperation

LINDIG – service provider for forklift trucks, warehouse technology & working platforms   LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH is a family business in the fourth generation in the middle of Germany. With over 300 employees and six locations, the LINDIG team is always close to the customer. As a long-standing authorised dealer of Linde Material Handling and […]

Change or failure? – the hopes and concerns of adapting digital innovations

Digitisation is a key theme for economic and innovation policy in Thuringia. It reaches all economic sectors and changes business processes, business models, products and services. For small and medium-sized enterprises in Thuringia in particular, the challenging task of implementing digital change not only in their own companies arises. Digitisation is also intended to create […]

DBCP is on GitHub!

In some of our articles we have already emphasized that the (further) development of the Decentralized Business Communication Protocol (DBCP) is planned in the form of an Open Source project. Now it’s finally done: A few days ago the source code was released on Github.