Innovation means change – Review of the LNT e.V. Innovation Workshop

The Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen e.V. (LNT) has been networking logistics companies and service providers in Thuringia for ten years now. Logistics companies and service providers in the Free State of Thuringia to strengthen the competitiveness of the location Thuringia, as well as the network members. On 16.10.2018, the members were called together for the “Innovation […]

Does old-fashioned mean equally good? About people’s fears in digital change

In order to successfully initiate the digitalisation of processes of inter-company cooperation and the use of new technologies, these technologies must be accepted by employers and employees alike. Hopes and fears are associated with digital inter-company cooperation The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) conducts in-depth interviews with employers and employees of medium-sized companies […]